“Nearly Four Times as Many Americans Say US Gives ‘Too Much’ to Ukraine” — By Al Mayadeen English

“In less than a year, the number of Americans who believe the US is giving “too much” to Ukraine has nearly quadrupled.

  • US President Joe Biden (R) and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky (L) hold a press conference in the White House, in Washington, DC. (AFP)

Growing discontent with NATO’s insistence on flooding Ukraine with American cash and weaponry appears to be spreading beyond the US right.

According to a new Pew Research study, the number of Americans who believe the US is contributing “too much” to Ukraine has nearly quadrupled in less than a year.

They believe that the US is supplying “too much” cash and weapons to Ukraine now, which now outnumbers those who believe it is providing “too little,” per the results.

During the previous ten months, the percentage of Americans growing disillusioned with Washington’s latest military gambit has risen from 7% to 26%.

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The significant increase was undoubtedly witnessed among Republicans. Since March 2022, the proportion of Republicans who believe the US is doing “too much” to back Ukraine has more than quadrupled, rising from 9% to 40%. Just 24% of those surveyed responded that what the US government is giving is “about right,” while only 17% said it should send more.

Respondents were clearly divided along partisan lines. Only 29% of Republicans believe “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” poses a “direct threat to US interests” (down from 51% in March), while 43% of Democrats concur (down from 50%).

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However, dissatisfaction with the war in Ukraine and its impact on global and US economy is no longer limited to the right. Americans are now significantly more likely to oppose further measures by Washington to flood Ukraine with weaponry.

Nonetheless, Democrats are now three times as inclined to agree than they were in March, with the proportion saying the Biden administration is giving Kiev “too much” increasing from 5% to 15%.

However, it is uncertain whether the findings will result in a significant shift in policy. Democrats who issued a letter in October urging Biden to support “a negotiated settlement and ceasefire” and “engage in direct discussions with Russia” reversed their decision less than 24 hours later following what many reported was tremendous pressure exerted on them by Washington.”

Credit & Publication: Al Mayadeen English. Published: February 1st 2023. Source Link: https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/nearly-four-times-as-many-americans-say-us-gives-too-much-to

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