CoronaVirus — An OP-ED by TDD News Contributor Tha Saracen

“The United States has the highest infected rate as well as highest death rate in the world of COVID19, also known as the coronavirus, a virus that has over a short period of time become a global pandemic. Conspiracy theories aride the coronavirus and all of its mutations, which in reality shows via the unfortunate truth of people dying at high death rates. California is an especially impacted region of the U.S., in which the coronavirus has not only shut down the county, but has exploited the fragility of American egos.

I am at the time of writing this confined to a cell 21 hours a day……… Yes 21 hours a day I am in a cell. I have already been through the phase of thinking and dwelling on the past, the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s, mistakes, achievements and, you know the rest. I am now completely comfortable doing my time in a cell for 21 hours a (22 on commissary day) for the better or worse, so when I come home i will be able to easily adjust to being lockdown at home. I have already spent 3 years and some change like this anyway….. And well, at least then I will have access to a fridge. But, seriously, America’s mental health hotlines have been ringing off the hook, due to depression, alcohol consumption, is on the rise and suicide rates are climbing just as high too. Why? Why all of a sudden? We know that humans are social animals, so when we isolate ourselves ourselves (or are isolated without our control) we are going to feel depressed before you know it, because we are so used to have that human interaction. People are finding out that their significant others are annoying and they actually are not even compatible. Parents are starting to realize (possible even more) that they should have never had kids; Now they cannot even dump them off at any sort of community center. But no, the situation is much more intense than what it seems to be from the surface……They actually have to raise them by spending time with them!!! THE HORROR!!! OH THE HORROR!!!

This is what happens when people who use their children as an extension or accessory for their own lives. UGH! “You mean now I have to spend time with them!?” Um…. Yes! You have to raise them so your social institutions do not! You have to raise your children so they do not fall into any types of bad crowds, while in search of looking to belong. You cannot be mad at your kid when they come home from school one day and tell you that they now want to wear a scuba diving suit with a polka dress, and that they should be called by their proper gender pro-nouns, such as they/them. Or what if you are in a situation, in which the person you are with has to eat specific foods due the fact they have unexpectedly allergic to gluten? It is plain and simple, that if you do not raise your children, then someone else will. In other words if they are not going to learn from you, they will learn from somewhere else, because humans are intrinsic learners.

Another thing that is a cause of widespread grief, is people having to face themselves (The reality of who they are and what they have a tolerance too.). Our days are so busy that we get lost in the work that occupies our time. When you have little responsibility, you learn a lot about yourself. You learned that your identity is based largely on the social group you associate with. The experiences you had with the group of friends is a shared experience, But now it’s just you; just you and Allah SWT.  If you are stripped of these social interactions, those experiences, those in person connections, then who are you? Are you your friends? Your kids? Your job? Your possessions? So what happens when you lose meaning behind all these things? Your kids annoy you, your friends are no longer there, you no longer have a job, and you become bored with your material possessions. Now all you have left is yourself. You may have a wife but when you’re laying in your bed at night you’re in your mind by yourself. Your heart is by itself you were still by yourself people are realizing the façade of American society. All the things we normally put so much meaning into the turn out to be bread in circus. How would you honestly feel if you’re life was built and defined off of your social network, your family, your hobbies and you realize you’re really a cog in the machine and that you (are easily replaceable your death means nothing to the machine now this is all contrary to the person who understands why they were put here on earth, then this person can be stripped of all the above mentioned things and the heart will remain firm. The Quran tells us in (51:56). Of course, the Quran is not embedded in everyone’s hearts, like it is for a Muslim. Then what could those lonely people have to stand on? Coronavirus has exposed what the social fabric truly is; The youth are unable to face themselves so much that they are disappearing the stay at home order. Most on socially distance, wear masks or don’t refrain from large gatherings. Everyone is trying to run away from the truth, but they can’t escape the reality. None of us can… not even the Paleocons. They can’t stand the fact that they have to wear a mask and stay at home. Deep down they know that by complying with the feds they are betraying their core beliefs of the constitutional “Freedoms”, that the country grants them. By staying indoors they are folding to the governments well. Their hearts are so attached to the constitution that they’re essentially enslaved to it, so by following the stay at home order means violating the right to assemble. In other words to them they would no longer be Americans. They will be subjects under tyrannical dictatorship or a totalitarian dictatorship.  This is why you see such resistance from them, on the West Coast, it’s not constitutional rights for free spirit liberalism. To Californians they feel like if they are going to get it in there going to just get it. It is not going to stop them from going to the beach are going to a party or even a concert. Essentially theirs is a similar attitude but different justifications. 

So what is there to do? Find yourself, Read the Quran, or even go hiking. Leave the drugs alone, leave headless people alone. You must realize that the only way to get over this pandemic is by not entering a city with infected and not leaving from outside of the city where there IS the infected. SIMPLY PUT: QUARANTINE!!! Even if you don’t have coronavirus, it becomes real when you when your loved ones or carted into a hospital and you never see them again. You can’t say goodbye and you can’t even hug them, how would you feel if you were the one responsible for your love ones falling ill? Was going to the beach that one time worth it? Fact is…. that’s the wrong life experience you want to shape your identity.”

Credit: Tha Saracen. Edited and Published: Balthasar Rodellega for TDD News