OP-ED: “BLM, Antifa, or Far-Right Militia Groups, Which is more Anti-American?” — Balthasar Rodellega for T.D.D. News (Originally written on T.D.D. News Facebook group 08/06/20)

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With all the rhetoric thrown around in the media about who, or what is BLM as well as Antifa have been narrated by the press and politicized by politicians. Antifa stands for anti-fascist and has its roots in mostly Italy and Germany in the 1930’s as a movement to combat fascism that was growing under Mussolini. In Germany during Hitler’s reign, it fought alongside the communist to try to fight the Hitlers German regime. It was forcibly disbanded by SS soldiers, but was revived throughout Europe in the 80’s and well into the 90’s when it found home in the Midwest Punk Rock Scene (especially Minneapolis), in which it was became the forefront message in an ever going battle that spread across the entire Punk scene in America to this day, in which Antifa supporters would fight Neo Fascist (Nasi’s), that began taking over the entire Punk scene as well as threaten, beat and rob the people at shows and parties.

Antifa has no leaders, but has a small faction of people that are dedicated to fighting back against the police and other authority. This group is known as the “Black Block”. Some antifa supporters are at times people without a cause and just there to make mischief and/or a quick come up, but for the most part Antifa is strictly reactionary to politics. Antifa is not known for killing, and its Black Block’s main goal is trying to cripple or at least shutdown the establishment. Antifa is not necessarily anti-government, it is more anti-fascist government, which they believe is happening in America under Trump.

BLM is another movement often demonized, just like when minorities in America asked for equality in America during the Civil Rights Movement, which was demonized as well. It becomes hard to gage in America what is the proper way to ask for equality, when essentially nothing ever works. BLM, in my opinion has two aspects. an actual message, and an organization, which is highly criticizable. BLM the movement can at times be compared to the Civil Rights movement, not by the movement itself, but by all the actions surrounding the movement. Most BLM protests start peaceful, but end up rather violent. With people there to riot, undercover agitators, anger, and a police force with the ability to use as much force as needed, culminates surely into a disaster. But is this Anti-American? Can people being so angry and tired of mistreatment wanting some type of respect be Anti-American? Certainly not! In fact I would argue that is exactly what it is to be an American. “To stand up for your rights”, or the rights they say you have at least. The illusion of rights. In other words wanting what everyone else, or the opportunity to try to do so, is a supposed right in this country, so obviously BLM’s ACTUAL message is definitely NOT Anti-American, especially considering African Americans not only built the country, but have become the mules and the scapegoat of the United States.

So who’s Anti-American? The groups that proclaim themselves upholders of true constitution, or wanting to bring American to its “true” values are actually the ones that are Anti-America. I am talking about the majority all white militia groups in which over 334 exist, with members ranging in the hundred in to the thousands, across the U.S.. One Such group is called the III% (or 3%) three percenters militia men, who say they uphold the constitution, but are anti-federalists, which means they hate anything the federal government does to put its hands in our daily lives. One group known as the boogaloo boys recently killed a federal agent during a BLM protest (could have been done during that time intentionally), escaped and a week or so later ambushed two police officers in Santa Cruz, which was all around March 2020. Although it made news for a small time, it seems as if groups like these slip under the radar of the media and the federal government, when they in fact want a literal war with the federal government. On top of this there is a large political party growing in the U.S. called the Libertarian Party, which is very into such small government that the fed should not exist. In May 2020 Aaron Swenson a Boogaloo Boy from Bowie County, Texas was harassing and threatening on FaceBook live that he was going to ambush police in his area, before he was apprehended.

These are just a couple examples of a few militia groups and how in reality they they the ones that are Anti-American. Although they claim to want America to go back to its core values, they attack what makes America, other than its oligarchies, America anyway…… the Fed. So who is really Anti-American and why does the news not speak more about it? I think it’s part of controlling a narrative, but I will leave that for another story.