Political Art

“Standing with Allies” by Lui Rui Digital Cartoon. For Global Times.

“Recession”, by Liu Rui, Digital Cartoon, For The Global Times

“Misplaced Priorities” by Vitali Podvitski, Digital Cartoon for The Global Times

“Voting” by LAtuff, Digital Cartoon. Global Times 2022.

“Midterm Elections” by Lui Rui digital cartoon for Global Times.

“Choices” by Ben Garrison Digital Cartoon

“G7 Adding Fuel to the Fire” by Chen Xia Digital Cartoon.

By Margolis and Cox, Townhall Meetings. Digital Cartoon

“Migrants Used as Political Pawns in US” Cartoon: Carlos Latuff

“Counterproductive Sanctions”
Illustration: Liu Rui

“A Freezing Europe” Illustration: Carlos Latuff

“1/6″ by Daniel R. O’Neill, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 30″ x 40”

“TAX DOLLARS KILL” by Mike Dream (Pictured). Additional Works Pictured: Tense, Krash and Spie. Spray Paint on Warehouse Wall, Oakland California 1995