“Twitter is Censoring Reporting on Ukrainian Nazis on the Pretext of “Abusive Behavior”” – by Asa Winstanley from Asa Winstanley’s Substack 

The photos I attached to my banned tweet.

I’ve been locked out of my Twitter account over this post.

Asa WinstanleyMar 112213
The photos I attached to my banned tweet.

Twitter has locked me out of my account and has prevented me from posting the following tweet, which they claim is “abusive.” They are also threatening to suspend my account altogether if I post similar things in the future.

Please share this post on Twitter to push back against the company’s censorship


I attached the above photos to my tweet. Although they did not initially say as much, one day on, Twitter are now claiming the tweet was “abusive”.

As you can see, the post is entirely factual, accurate and sourced, and not at all abusive. 

I obtained the photos either from mainstream reporting or from primary sources — NATO’s official Twitter account, Tarrant’s manifesto (which is available online) and even Ukraine’s foreign ministry itself.

MFA of Ukraine 🇺🇦 @MFA_UkraineAccording to the latest survey, more than 15% of the regular Ukrainian army are women. Number of those who defend Ukraine now in a different way is impossible to count. Thank you! 💙💛 March 8th 20222,772 Retweets15,693 Likes

Yet Twitter’s automated systems have apparently deemed the tweet in violation of their rules — although they did not initially specify which rule, and have still not explained how the post violates their rules on “abuse”.

Twitter’s rules appear not to apply to NATO or the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The post has been hidden by Twitter and replaced with the above notice.

My Twitter account (which has almost 59,000 followers) is currently still viewable, but I can no longer post new tweets. Indeed, I have been locked out of even viewing anything on Twitter while signed in. Every time I sign in, I get the notice at the top of this post, demanding I delete the tweet and acknowledge it as being in violation of their rules.

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Credit & Publication: Asa Winstanley/ Substack. Published: March 11th 2022. Source Link: https://asawinstanley.substack.com/p/twitter-is-censoring-reporting-on?s=r&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email