About Us

  • Balthasar Rodellega – Owner, Operator, Editor, Journalist,
  • Laurent Blaques – Editor, Journalist
  • Daniel R. O’Neill (Wild Velvet Films) – Senior Video/Camera Operator/Editor, Journalist, Columnist
  • James “Black & Red Roca” Iswavie – Senior Editor, Operations, Senior Columnist
  • Jason Blades – Journalist, Editor, Columnist
  • Tha Saracen – Contributor, Columnist

TDD News is committed to bringing you the most up to date transparent news on domestics politics, as well as geopolitics. Our goal is to report the news that you won’t hear in the main stream nor most independent media, while breaking down and dissecting major breaking and the most important stories.

TDD News has a very diverse staff, not only culturally but also politically, which never gets in the way of bringing you up to date transparent news. At TDD News we also like to hear opinions from our staff and therefore we will also feature many opinionated pieces and/or critiques of current domestic and geopolitical events.